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Swinging Door


This is a hinged door that swings into or out of a room, and is the most standard interior door application.  

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Bifold Door


A folding door that has several sections that fold in pairs. Bifolds are most commonly made for closets, but may also be used between rooms.

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Pocket Door


A pocket door is a sliding door that opens by sliding along its length and disappearing into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, or when there is no room for a swinging door. They usually travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track, although some also feature tracks or guides along the floor. Both single- and double-door versions are used, depending on the width of the entry.

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Bypass Door


A bypass door consists of two or more sections that can slide in either direction along one axis on parallel overhead tracks, so that they slide past each other. They are most commonly used as closet doors, in order to access one side of the closet at a time. The doors in a bypass unit will overlap slightly when viewed from the front to eliminate any visible gap between them.  

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Barn Door


An on-trend interior door option that uses externally mounted hardware to  allow the door to slide over an opening without taking the space needed for a swinging door.

Flush Door


A simple, flush design provides a clean, contemporary look

  • Single Panel Door Design
  • Paintable or stainable
  • Common stainable veneers: Hardwood, Birch, Oak & Maple
  • Available in solid or hollow core

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Molded Wood Composite Panel Door


A collection of molded skin panel doors ranging from classic to contemporary design

  • Paintable
  • Available in solid or hollow core

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Le Chateau (Wood) Panel Door


A wood panel door constructed of stiles, rails, mullions and panels that are all made of wood or wood composite

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Artisan Door Collection


The Artisan collection includes both glass (“lites”) and panels.  These are named based on designs.

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French Door


A French door has multiple pieces of glass ("lites") set into it for the entire length of the door. Traditional French doors are assembled from individual pieces of glass and mullions. These doors are also known as true divided lite French doors.

  • French door designs are named based on the number of lites they have combined with other style elements like the type of glass or the shape of the upper lites.
  • Various wood species available - view wood species
  • Glass options available - view glass options

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Louver Door


A louvered door has fixed or movable wooden fins (often called slats or louvers) that permit open ventilation while preserving privacy and preventing the passage of light to the interior. They are most commonly used for wardrobes, closets and laundry rooms, where ventilation takes precedence over security.

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These wood species are available for Le Chateau, Artisan, and French doors. Louver doors are available in pine and primed (ready to paint). Visit our products to learn more about Masonite door styles and product availability.

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Fir Torrefied

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Knotty Alder

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Knotty Pine

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Mahogany Torrefied

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Red Oak

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White Oak

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Radiata Pine

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before you buy_Poplar-Torrefied

Poplar Torrefied

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Primed MDF

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Steel Doors:

Two Finish Options for Steel doors – HD and Sta-Tru. HD Steel may be painted the color of your choice, while Sta-Tru offers a prefinished white option. Steel door advantages:

    • Rot resistant bottom rails
    • Rust resistant
    • Resists cracking and warping
    • Wood edge or steel edge
    • Available in 20 and 90 minute fire ratings
    • Security of steel
    Energy efficient for added savings on heating and cooling bills
    • Insulated inner core insulates 5x better than real wood
    • ENERGY STAR eligible
    Multi-pane decoratvie and clear glass designs provide added insulating and value

Fiberglass Doors:

Fiberglass is strong, durable, lightweight and impervious to many caustics and to extreme temperatures. These attributes make fiberglass, an ideal material for an exterior door that may face extremes in temperature, exposure to the elements and general wear and tear. Fiberglass door advantages:

    Authentic wood look
    • Finishes easily & beautifully
    • Available smooth (paintable) or wood grain textured (paintable and stainable)
    • True square-edge construction creates an authentic wood door appearance & provides excellent dimensional stability
    • Durability – Fiberglass doors will not rust
    • Resists denting and warping
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Rot resistant composite bottom rail and door facing
    Energy efficient for added savings on heating and cooling bills
    • Insulated inner core insulates 5x better than real wood
    • ENERGY STAR eligible
    Multi-pane decoratvie and clear glass designs provide added insulating and value

Glass Options for Doors


All Masonite door lites are manufactured with Tempered Safety Glass.

Glass categories

  • Standard glass - choose from clear, external/internal grids or vents
  • Decorative glass – choose from a variety of decorative glass designs
  • Mini blinds – blinds between the glass

Glass sizes - a sampling of glass sizes are shown to the right. The complete list of glass sizes are:

  • Rectangle Full Lite
  • Rectangle Half Lite 
  • Rectangle ¾ Lite 
  • Rectangle ¼ Lite 
  • Center Arch Lite
  • Oval Full Lite
  • Oval ¾ Lite
  • Fan Lite
  • Camber-Top Fan Lite
  • Camber-Top ¾ Lite
  • Craftsman Lite

before you buy_glass_MHD-V106-010-1_80

Rectangle 1/2 Lite

before you buy_glass_MHD-404-12I-2_80

Rectangle 3/4 Lite

before you buy_glass_BMT-122-10I-1_96

Rectangle 3/4 Lite

before you buy_glass_BLT-B404-01RL-2_80

Rectangle 3/4 Lite

before you buy_glass_BLS-B106-01RL-1_80-beige

Rectangle 1/2 Lite

before you buy_glass_BFT-122-10I-X_80

Rectangle Full Lite

before you buy_glass_MHD-120-15I-X_80

Rectangle Full Lite

before you buy_glass_MHD-404-010-2_80

Rectangle 3/4 Lite