Essentials for Farmhouse Style Curb Appeal

by By Laura Gaskill, Houzz | Apr 03, 2017

We usually think of farmhouses as being located out in the country, but in recent years the popularity of modern farmhouse style means that homes inspired by these American classics can be found in the suburbs too. Whether you have an antique farmhouse or a new build, learn how to play up its natural charm with these tips for maximizing curb appeal, from paint colors to porch decor.

Farmhouse 1: Chase & Arnold, original photo on Houzz

Fresh white. Like a bottle of fresh cream-top milk, classic white just looks right on a farmhouse exterior. The trim can be either white (the same shade as the siding) or black for contrast.

Barn red. A cheery red farmhouse with white trim calls to mind classic red barns, apples and sugar maple leaves.

Farmhouse 2: Sheldon Pennoyer Architects, original photo on Houzz

Buttermilk. A warm but not too bright shade of yellow, buttermilk is a great paint color for a historic farmhouse. Instead of going with white trim, try a paler yellow or sand for a richer look.

Get the little details just right. Choose classic, hefty, dark hardware for the front door, mailbox and house numbers. And in the summer, you can’t go wrong with a flag displayed on a stand on the front porch.

Farmhouse 3: Arcanum Architecture, original photo on Houzz

Standing-seam metal roof. If you’re in the market for a new roof for your farmhouse, consider going with standing-seam metal rather than shingles. This roofing material has sleek good looks that are farm-appropriate yet modern, and lasts much longer than traditional shingles.

Farmhouse 4: Historical Concepts, original photo on Houzz

Wraparound porch. A proper porch is a farmhouse must: If your home’s porch is in poor condition or (gasp!) doesn’t have a porch at all, consider updating or building this feature. On a corner lot, this farmhouse looks especially inviting with a gently curving porch that wraps around two sides.

Split-rail fence. Not just for barnyards, a split-rail fence has a charmingly rustic look that can provide the ideal frame for your farmhouse. To boost curb appeal, choose a low split-rail fence that enhances rather than blocks the view of your home.

Farmhouse 5: KGA Studio Architects, PC, original photo on Houzz

White picket fence. In a denser suburban area, a white picket fence can make a lovely choice for a farmhouse. It will fit in well in most neighborhoods, and complements a classic white farmhouse with black shutters beautifully.

Outfit your porch for sitting. A porch swing, pair of rockers and small table and chairs for playing cards are all good options for furnishing the farmhouse porch.

Farmhouse 6: Lendrum Photography LLC, original photo on Houzz

Barn-inspired garage. If your property has a garage, give it the same exterior treatment as the main house for a harmonious look. Barn-inspired details like shutters, a cupola and a weather vane make this garage look right at home on the farm.

Light up the night. Classic lantern-style lights or goose neck barn sconces are the finishing touches that will make your farmhouse look warm and inviting from the street.

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