Subtle or bold: your entry door makes a statement

by | Dec 07, 2016

What does your front door say about you and your style? Many homeowners don’t consider the message their front door sends about their tastes and interests to passers-by, but the reality is that the entry door speaks volumes about the lifestyle and décor that is inside the home.


“The door is a very relevant style element and front doors deserve special attention,” says Barbara Gilbert, interior designer and principal of Barbara Gilbert Interiors in Dallas. She equates the entry door to the cover of a book, saying, “It should be attractive enough to command attention, and then entice you to walk through it to see what’s on the other side.”

houzz-large-1-1024x1002The extensive selection of exterior doors available today offers a wide range of panel designs and glass configurations. It’s possible to choose an entry door to fit any architectural or design style and make a personal statement. This is particularly beneficial in the North Texas area, where deed restrictions often dictate design options for the exterior of homes, including door sizes and colors. Having so many possible ways to configure a door enables homeowners to be creative and expressive, within the rules.

Gilbert notes that many homeowners are now creating a Texas-sized welcome. This is expressed through dramatic, extra-large front doors that make a bold statement at first sight. “People want to have a really big wow factor when they come through the front door or pull up to the house; a lot is driven by that,” she says.

Door selection is also driven by the architecture of the home and overall design the homeowner is trying to achieve. Currently, the DFW area is trending toward timeless designs, with a focus on transitional styles. Among these are warm contemporary, a clutter-free style mixing a few rustic elements with the clean lines of contemporary, and simplified craftsman, emphasizing ultra-minimalism and clean lines. Also seeing a resurgence in the area is art deco, an elegant style first popularized in the ’20s and ’30s known for its linear geometric patterns and bold colors.

“The door should reflect the style or period someone is creating in the home,” says Gilbert, noting the focus on simplicity of the transitional design means she’s seeing a lot of exterior doors with glass and straight lines, not many curves. (example: Belleville® Craftsman Two Panel doors by Masonite). Popular color palettes for doors are more neutral, such as white, gray, tan; or a dark stained woodgrain. In general, leaded glass is no longer popular, but iron and glass are widely in use in the area. Doors that have designs reminiscent of the ’20s and ’30s, (such as Masonite’s Belleville® Smooth) suit homeowners who lean toward art deco style and are usually finished in bold black.

Beyond specific design styles, Texans are also embracing an outdoor-in approach — open floor plans, natural lighting and outdoor views. After staring at screens all day, they’re breaking down visual barriers between their inside and outside worlds at home. Outdoor spaces accessed by doors with wider views (like Masonite VistaGrande™) create a much-needed sense of serenity.

Whether your style is simple and clean like transitional, elegant and fun like art deco or a mix of many elements, your front door will convey that to everyone who passes by or comes into your home. Make sure it is inviting and opens the page to precisely the kind of story you want to tell about your home and lifestyle!