Don't leave your remodeling project hanging

by | Dec 05, 2016

For Dallas-area remodeler Kerry Brennan, replacement windows constitute about 75 percent of his business, and siding, windows and outdoor living areas fill in the rest. It’s doors, though, that Brennan says are the “must-have accessory” that make all of his work look better. Consumers tend to realize their door needs to be replaced about the time they see it in the context of a larger improvement project, so Brennan is on to something. Whether doors are part of the initial remodel plan or not, they can play a key role in making the end result more attractive and comfortable for the homeowner.

“If we put new windows, siding, a roof or outdoor space on a home, the next step is getting the homeowner a door that realizes the same features, benefits and aesthetic appeal as all of these other items,” says Brennan. “Our jobs can be greatly improved by the appearance and performance of that front door.”


“When we go to a home to discuss windows with a customer, we might ask if they’re happy with their existing door or if they have concerns. When they stop to think about it, they’ll often say the door isn’t as efficient as it should be, is worn, or doesn’t make the visual statement they’d like,” explains Brennan. “Since many window companies don’t typically make front entry doors that match their products, we rely on Masonite to give clients an elegant front door that complements the new windows.”

Outdoor Patio 
The front door isn’t the only entry door that can enhance a remodeling project. When creating an outdoor living area such as a sunroom, patio or outdoor kitchen, the door used to access that space is critical. It needs to function well so the homeowner can invite breezes into the home or come and go with hands full of dinnerware. But it also can bring the outdoors in by offering unobstructed views of the space, even on rainy days or when the homeowner is stuck inside doing the dishes.

When homeowners embark on a new siding, window or roofing project, they can reduce maintenance and improve the home’s efficiency, aesthetics and resale value. If entry doors aren’t considered in the process, the homeowner may not be able to maximize all of these benefits.

“An inadequate door is going to be the weakest link in the chain in terms of efficiency, security and curb appeal, but a great door can be the strongest link in the chain,” says Brennan. “It’s hard to get a real estate agent to mention a new roof or windows, but people will notice the beautiful front door all by themselves.”