Great hints to create a zen-like home

by | Dec 05, 2016

Now that we're connected to the rest of the world 24-7, the idea of "Me Time" has become more coveted than ever. Practicing mindfulness or relaxation have been shown to reduce the harmful physical effects of stress and help restore energy. It has even reached into the building community. Chris Miles, principal of GreenCraft Builders, L.L.C., in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, helps his clients create the ultimate spaces for peace and quiet by using sound dampening building technologies. An integral part of his strategy to block out the noise out is choosing the right building materials and door types.

Picture of a Zen-Like House

"I think "Me Time" has become important for people with busy, noisy lives," said Chris. "As builders of ultra-high-performance houses, we want the home to be a zen-like oasis where clients can be really comfortable and get away from it all. Here are his tips for building in peace and quiet in the home:

  • Room Schedules -- Chris looks at daily schedules for how and when shared spaces such as bedrooms, libraries, the family room, play room, media room or garage are most used.
  • Exterior Noise -- He constructs six-inch walls with spray foam insulation. This makes cooling more energy-efficient and eliminates outside noise. However, Chris says shutting out exterior noise can boost up noises inside the home.
  • Interior Noise -- to counter inside noise, he "isolates" certain rooms based on the homeowners' lifestyles and preferences. On average, 60 to 70 percent of the rooms in one of his homes receive enhanced sound dampening foam in the interior walls.
    • Typical areas of a home for soundproofing:
      • Master bedroom
      • Bathrooms
      • Libraries
      • Home offices
      • Teen or young child bedrooms
      • Media Rooms/Home Theaters
  • Solid Core Blocker -- Once the foam is in place, he then selects a Masonite Safe 'N Sound solid core door for all interior door openings. "Doors are often the weak link in a soundproof system--when you insulate walls, sound can still travel through the door. That's why we rely exclusively on Masonite Solid Core Doors (insert link to solid core door) to eliminate that weakness," said Chris.
  • Door Features -- Chis likes the substance of a solid core door with a wheat straw interior, for looks, sound dampening and a green footprint. The straw interior of the Masonite Safe 'N Sound door also helps it close more quietly despite its more solid feel.
  • Specialty Rooms - For media rooms, Chris uses the solid core doors, along with a variety of other, specialized building techniques from fabrics to carpeting, that ensure the sound in the room is media quality but doesn't travel throughout the house.

"At GreenCraft, we use the Masonite solid core doors not just for aesthetics but because they are one of the ways we make the house operate to our high specifications," Chris adds. "It makes a big difference to have someplace to go where you can unwind, relax and escape some of the noise pollution that's all around us these days. I think everyone will benefit from the kind of 'Me Time' that something as simple as the solid core door can help them achieve."