Craftsman front doors make an entrance

by | Dec 05, 2016

This spring my husband and I are removing the old two-tone storm door and energy-inefficient glass front door on our home and replacing them with a single Craftsman front door. The upgrade has me breathless.

by Rachel Grace, Houzz Contributor

Known for its mathematical design, a typical Craftsman-style front door has three divided windows (known as lites) over a large ledge with dentil molding and three flat panels. Typically installed on houses with porches or porticos, the Craftsman door is too lovely to be covered by a storm door.

I’ve yet to decide if we will paint it la FGY Architects or keep it natural like RW Anderson’s designs below; either way I am really looking forward to the major architectural upgrade it will provide.

How to Choose a Front Door

Goforth Gill’s lipstick-red Craftsman front door features a single lite rather than three divided ones. It also boasts two matching sides.

craftsman-porchPhoto by Goforth Gill Architects – Browse craftsman porch ideas

A classic Craftsman front door looks beautiful on this Northern California cabin. With the exterior painted Benjamin Moore’s French Beret and the trim done in Hot Apple Spice, the natural finish on the door is just what the doctor ordered.

Photo by Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance – More modern exterior ideas

Featuring a 17-by-41-inch casement window, a dragonfly door knocker and contrasting trim, this Simpson-brand Craftsman front door is seriously adorned.

Photo by Andrew Melaragno – Browse craftsman entryway ideas

On close inspection you’ll notice that this door features lites with detailed glass. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, three leaded glass panels fancify this otherwise straightforward design.

Photo by RW Anderson Homes – More craftsman entryway ideas

This Southern California entryway greets you with a wooden Craftsman front door, sidelights, a porch swing and cottage-style lighting. Welcome!

Photo by Dorothy Howard AIA, Architect – More craftsman exterior ideas

Perfectly positioned under a porch, this custom-made Craftsman door has three large lites. In black it offers a dramatic entrance.

Photo by FGY Architects – Browse craftsman entryway ideas

Rich Eldorado stone and a wooden front door combine to create the warmest of warm entryways. Many Craftsman front doors have only a ledge and dentil molding on the exterior side of the door, much like this beauty.

Photo by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co. – Look for craftsman entryway pictures

Perfectly suited for seaside cottage living, a no-muss, no-fuss naturally seasoned Craftsman door is the optimal choice for ocean breezes and salty air.
Photo by Echelon Custom Homes – More craftsman exterior photos

Flanked by planters, windows and lanterns, this Craftsman entry couldn’t be more inviting. I especially love the white and gray color palette.

Photo by FGY Architects – Look for craftsman entryway pictures

Although this door has only two lites, it does feature bonus side lites and a decorative transom window, all with ornate leaded glass.

Photo by Harrell Remodeling, Inc. – Browse craftsman entryway photos

Californians love a nice Craftsman front door. Framed beautifully with a lite on each side, this rich wooden door screams Northern California.

Photo by Tali Hardonag Architect – Look for craftsman entryway pictures

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