• Eclectic Style

    8 Tried and True Style Secrets for an Eclectic Look

    by By Lisa Frederick, Houzz | Sep 15
    Eclectic style is the great equalizer. It reshuffles the rule book, mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxe and humble, showy and quiet. It invites you to fill a space with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy
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  • Global Style

    The Beauty of Contrast: Global Furnishings in Modern Spaces

    by By Jason Lees, Houzz | Sep 01
    Mixing modern design with ethnic furnishings may not be an obvious choice, but when you look at the history of modern design, you’ll see a strong link between the two.
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  • TransitionalLivingRoom6

    These 5 Gorgeous Living Rooms Are True Testaments to Transitional Style

    by By Mitchell Parker, Houzz | Jul 31
    Transitional style offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and class of traditional style and the smooth and crisp look of contemporary style. And living rooms make great candidates for this style.
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  • Transitional1

    6 Designer Secrets to Nail Transitional Style

    by Lisa Frederick, Houzz | Jul 31
    If Goldilocks were decorating a house, transitional style would check all of her "just right" boxes: not too cold, not too formal, not too fussy.
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  • ThreePanelDoor5

    Classic Style Staple: Three-Panel Doors

    by Rachel Grace, Houzz | Jun 30
    From Arts and Crafts homes to contemporary ones, three-panel interior doors add architectural intrigue to doorways with their clean, timeless design.
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  • Traditional1

    6 Key Elements of Traditional Style

    by Lisa Frederick, Houzz | Jun 30
    Traditional style sometimes gets a bad rap as fusty and outdated. But that's missing the point. While it's true that this look takes its inspiration from the past, it's really about comfort. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and predictable — in a good way.
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  • Industrial Kitchen

    Learn The Basics for Any Industrial-Style Kitchen

    by Yanic Simard, Houzz | May 30
    Whether you’re looking to get just a taste of industrial style with some shiny metal accents and piping or go all-in with durable stainless steel cabinets and countertops, read on to understand the key ingredients of the Industrial look, how to incorporate them and how to keep the restaurant-ready style feeling like home.
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  • Industrial Style Blog

    Get It For Less - Industrial Style on a Budget

    by Laura Gaskill, Houzz | May 30
    Industrial Style is more popular than ever and shows no signs of going anywhere — and of course, with popularity comes a higher price tag. But you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look. With a bit of ingenuity and persistence, you can pull together an authentic look.
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  • ModernPieces5

    10 Pieces of Furniture to Modernize a Traditional Home

    by By Becky Harris, Houzz | May 03
    It’s the mix of old and new that makes a space interesting, and just one or two pieces can transform a strictly traditional space into a transitional one, or perk up a space that’s become fusty.
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  • Color Plant Combo 1

    8 Color and Plant Combinations That Complement Bright Front Doors

    by By Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz | May 03
    Painting your front door a bright, bold color is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home and create a welcoming first impression. But once you’ve chosen a vivid shade of red, orange, lime or purple, it can be tricky to know what other exterior colors work well with it.
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  • Craftsman 2

    10 Defining Characteristics of Craftsman Style Architecture

    by By Steele Marcoux, Houzz | Apr 05
    Craftsman homes were primarily inspired by the work of two architect brothers — Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene — who worked together in Pasadena, California, at the turn of the 20th century.
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  • Trend Report Image Cover

    2017 Masonite Trend Report

    by Masonite Premier Contributor | Apr 05
    At Masonite, we make it easier and more inspiring to select the perfect doors for every home. We are your leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas, and provide distinctive door styles that let you complement any home and personal taste.
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  • farmhouse2

    Essentials for Farmhouse Style Curb Appeal

    by By Laura Gaskill, Houzz | Apr 03
    We usually think of farmhouses as being located out in the country, but in recent years the popularity of modern farmhouse style means that homes inspired by these American classics can be found in the suburbs too.
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  • March_Art1_TinyHouses6

    10 Tricks to Borrow from Tiny Houses

    by Mariela Abreu | Feb 28
    A lot of innovative, space-saving design solutions have been born out of the tiny-house movement, and there’s no reason you can’t use these ideas even if you’re not living in one.
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  • Gerri-VideoCover

    Realtor adds wow factor and resale value with the right doors

    by | Jan 10
    Realtors should have homeowners zero in on the “wow factor” from the curb, where the door can steal the show… or break the deal! Once inside, doors, trim, flooring and moulding will draw buyer’s attention and provide added value. Walczak teaches homebuyers the differences between the acoustics and feel of solid core doors vs. hollow core.
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  • Bring The Outside In

    Ways to Create Indoor-Outdoor Connections

    by | Jan 05
    Expand nature's soothing embrace with sliding doors, covered porches, generous windows and more.
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  • Contemporary Exterior, Portland

    Patio life: Step right outside

    by | Jan 05
    Creating a near-seamless transition from indoors to out requires a few things. First you'll want a big wall of glass doors that creates a visual transparency between the two sides of the wall. Second you'll want to have those glass doors open wide and high so that, when weather permits, you get as large an opening as possible.
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  • BarbaraGilbert-VideoCover

    Design insights with Barbara Gilbert

    by | Dec 15
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  • ZenHouse

    Great hints to create a zen-like home

    by | Dec 15
    Now that we're connected to the rest of the world 24-7, the idea of "Me Time" has become more coveted than ever. Practicing mindfulness or relaxation have been shown to reduce the harmful physical effects of stress and help restore energy.
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  • MHD-122-725-X-RedDoor-bty_600x600px_72dpi

    Curb appeal is just the beginning

    by | Dec 15
    Buyers begin to fall in love with a house at the curb,’ says Real Estate Agent Gerri Walczak. “If the entry door is unique to the home and has ‘Wow’ factor, buyers will expect the whole home to match that quality and will want to see more.”
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  • Chris-Bill-VideoCover

    Soundproofing: how doors help reduce noise in a home

    by | Dec 15
    Chris Miles, builder and Bill Peck, architect, say the sound reduction provided by solid core doors is worth the investment. Here’s how doors can help keep the peace! Also specializing in sustainable or green commercial/residential building practices, Peck is principal of William Peck and Associates architects in Lewisville. He starts his home designs at the front door, walking clients through two-dimensional models to help them understand the role doors play in design and function.
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  • AddSomeBling

    Dress up your doors with hardware to add some bling

    by | Dec 15
    Doors have many responsibilities in a home. They represent a significant portion of wall space inside (an average of 800 square feet) and regulate how rooms flow. They are also the crown jewel of curb appeal.
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  • outdoor-patio

    Don't leave your remodeling project hanging

    by | Dec 15
    Consumers tend to realize their door needs to be replaced about the time they see it in the context of a larger improvement project, so Brennan is on to something. Whether doors are part of the initial remodel plan or not, they can play a key role in making the end result more attractive and comfortable for the homeowner.
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  • Cherri-Wayne-VideoCover

    He said, she said: Builder-designer couple dishes on doors

    by | Dec 15
    With 25 years of experience, Wayne and Cherri, as a team, cover all the bases with clients with their design recommendations. “We gently guide them through the entire process, but we go with their final decisions,” says Wayne. “They often just don’t know and end up thankful that we’ve enlightened them.”
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  • craftsman-porch

    Craftsman front doors make an entrance

    by | Dec 15
    Known for its mathematical design, a typical Craftsman-style front door has three divided windows (known as lites) over a large ledge with dentil molding and three flat panels. Typically installed on houses with porches or porticos, the Craftsman door is too lovely to be covered by a storm door.
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  • craftsman-exterior-whole-house

    Ten tips to relieve door shopping anxiety for homeowners

    by | Dec 15
    If you ask your homeowner customers if they would rather shop for doors for their home or have a root canal, the answer may be the latter! Door shopping angst can be a long, painful process for homeowners and their builders, architects or real estate pros. Not to mention that the doors they choose for both interior and exterior, reflect their lifestyle and create a long-lasting impression.
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  • BAW-2P-154-bty_v1-571x1024

    6 tips for selecting doors for the way you live

    by | Dec 15
    Designers, architects, builders, remodelers and realtors recognize how important doors are for making their clients feel proud of their homes and comfortable within them. They can help homeowners assess the form and function to choose doors, hardware and accessories that fit their lifestyle. With the right guidance, homeowners can consider all the ways that doors make an impact on the home and make selections that will fit their lifestyles.
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  • shabby-chic-style-kitchen

    9 Ways to Create Comforting Farmhouse Style Anywhere

    by | Dec 15
    Farmhouse interiors are all about the simple details. This decidedly American style is experiencing a major resurgence, appealing to those who prefer the classic, comforting style of a simpler time. It’s a blend of architectural details, most easily recognized by its covered porches, inherited pieces, light colors and rough-hewn finishes.
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  • Clark-Co-Homes-1_5-2_r-1024x683

    Mix door styles inside and out to create your own look

    by | Dec 15
    Considering the amount of visual attention doors will command in the home, it’s worth the time and consideration to choose each one as a piece of art that complements its surroundings and frames the views to and from it. With today’s styles leaning toward simple, “collected” looks, and so many door design, glass and panel options to choose from, there’s more opportunity than ever to create a collection of doors that makes a personal statement in your home.
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  • Barn-Door-WPS-2PCB-2-MDF_bty-1024x469

    Subtle or bold: your entry door makes a statement

    by | Dec 15
    Whether your style is simple and clean like transitional, elegant and fun like art deco or a mix of many elements, your front door will convey that to everyone who passes by or comes into your home. Make sure it is inviting and opens the page to precisely the kind of story you want to tell about your home and lifestyle!
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